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Independent Orthopeadics

Winnipeg, MB

Orthopaedic Care in British Columbia

My name is Dr. S. Riley Campbell, your personal Orthopaedic Surgeon. Have you ever felt that your concerns were minimized, ignored or dismissed outright when you’ve sought out care for your injuries or muscle / joint pain? Are you concerned about the lengthy wait times to see a surgeon, and the negative effect that these delays may have on your job, your sporting activities and your quality of life in general? Do you want an advocate when engaging with the health care system? Then Inclusive Orthopaedics may be the resource you need to get back to the way of life you want and deserve. This is a private service. MSP and other provincial payment plans prioritize the physician – promoting a surface level minimalistic style of care. Inclusive Orthopaedics prioritizes you – the way our health care should be.