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Arora Family Chiropractic

1200 Waverley St., Unit 8, Winnipeg, MB R3T 0P4
Telephone: 204-951-6887

Chiropractor Winnipeg MB | Arora Family Chiropractic

Dr. Nitan Arora is dedicated to gentle spinal care that allows you to utilize your natural healing abilities. He takes pride in providing chiropractic care with a low-force and precise approach called Torque Release Technique®. It attains excellent results through an instrument that doesn’t involve any cracking, popping or uncomfortable positions. With that being said, Dr. Arora does provide spinal manipulations when needed. He also uses SOT blocking, and is a big proponent of spinal decompression and shockwave treatment when needed. He is also proficient at Zone technique – another gentle approach used to balance deeper physiological zones in the body.