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Entreprises Rolais-Electrique

457 Rue des Thuyas, Terrebonne, QC J6X 4E4
Telephone: 450-824-1789

Master Electrician - Residential, Commercial and Industrial

Master electrician for Montreal, Laval, North Shore, South Shore and Lanaudière. Our electricians come to your area! Platform service for all types of electrical work at height. Lifting platform and excavations – Underground supply. Sale and installation of charging station for electric vehicles. New construction and renovation project, replacement of the fuse panel, wiring for the addition of circuits, connection of a heat pump, installation of recessed lights, ceiling lights and light fixtures of all kinds, pool and spa power supply, etc. Commercial electrical maintenance, Verification of existing circuits, Repair and change of interior and exterior lighting, Repair of interior and exterior signs, Inspection and verification of machinery connection systems, etc. Estimation of your electrical work at your convenience, Inspection and verification of all existing electrical systems